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Kuiper April 16, 2012

Posted by CosmicThespian in Word of the week.
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Article has moved: the astronomy word of the week is “kuiper”.



1. Jonny Eberle - April 16, 2012

I didn’t expect to learn so much on a Monday morning. Fascinating.

CosmicThespian - April 16, 2012

Glad I could make your Monday so informative. 🙂

Jonny Eberle - April 20, 2012

Don’t let it happen again.

2. Michael Roberts - April 16, 2012

As the most recently observed section of the Solar System, the Kuiper belt is an amazing section of our neighbourhood. For example, as you may know, Recently, scientists found an object, 2003 UB313, that is bigger than Pluto. New observations of Kuiper belt objects essentially killed Pluto as a plausible planet: it just isn’t feasible to teach school children 10,000 planets! (8 is more than enough!) Excellent article.

CosmicThespian - April 16, 2012

Thanks for the comments. The Kuiper Belt is indeed a fascinating and oft-forgotten region of the solar system — this was a fun one to write. Can’t wait for New Horizons to reach Pluto (and beyond) in a few years….

Michael Roberts - April 17, 2012

Me neither, it should throw up some very interesting results and observations!

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